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David and Ruth Malalve
“Dear Charles,

I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the help you gave us in selling our house on 1802 Stuart Street, Brooklyn NY 11229. Because of your personal interest and time consuming research, we were able to sell our house at a very good price. We want to thank you for all of your efforts that you put forth in this venture.

We will certainly keep you in mind if and when another client is interested in purchasing or selling property in Brooklyn. We will highly recommend your services.

David and Ruth Malalve’.”

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Joeseph Amari
“Joeseph Amari
1748 West 1st Street
Brooklyn NY 11223

Courtesy of Trulia.com
Helped me sell a home
Selling a fully rented 4 family house in Brooklyn is no easy task as most buyers want to take ownership to a vacant building. Within 2-3 weeks of placing the house on the market he got us an attractive offer, and naturally, they wanted it vacant. Charles advised and guided us through the entire process from start to finish and was there every step of the way. I would not have known how to handle this on my own and we are very grateful for his dedication and expertise in getting us through it all. Aside from being friendly and courteous, Charles D’Alessandro of Fillmore Real Estate is a true professional in all phases of real estate.
Wed, Mar 19, 2014”

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Susan M. O’Neil
“November 8, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend the services of Mr. Charles D’Alessandro of Fillmore Real Estate.

Recently, I sold a family home in another state and was able to do so with the assistance of Mr. D’Alessandro. This was a difficult task for me, but with Charles’ professionalism and compassion the job was completed. The property was not a typical list and show. There were issues that made it challenging and Charles was able to manage it.Charles outlined a marketing plan for this property and carried it out. He listed the house and reached out to his contacts. In a matter of weeks he contacted me with multiple offers from different buyers. He was right there with me through negotiations until a satisfactory price was reached.The property sold and closed.

Throughout this process, Charles would keep telling me that he was in this with me and he truly was. It has been a pleasure to deal with such a genuine individual.

Susan M. O’Neil”

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Christine Fueg
“We can never thank you enough for your hard work and commitment to selling our family home.We could not ask for a more professional or harder working REALTOR®. You made everything as easy as possible. You are always welcome as a guest in our new home. Again thank you and good luck to you and your family

The Fueg Family
1721 65th Street Brooklyn NY”

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Jean Castello
“I would highly recommend Charles D’Alessandro for all of your real estate needs.. Charles used his expertise in selling our home. It just went into contract. He did a great job… was very courteous, reliable and professional. Again, I would highly recommend him.

Sincerely Jean Castello”
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Natali Grgas
“Charles works with me through Fillmore Real Estate’s Relocation & Global Services Division and has been instrumental in assisting me with referrals for clients looking to move into or out of Brooklyn. What amazes me about Charles is that he devotes his time and energy to his clients. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and provides top notch customer service to all his clients.

I have received accolades not only from clients whom Charles has assisted but from other real estate professionals in my sector of the real estate industry who have lauded Charles for his tenacity and diligence. In the years that I have worked with Charles, he has always displayed professionalism and trustworthiness. I’ve come to rely on and trust Charles and am secure in knowing that any clients he works with will be happy and satisfied with the level of service they will receive.

As a real estate professional, Charles is always learning, always educating himself and through this, has a deep understanding of the real estate market. I highly recommend Charles to anyone who is looking for an honest, trustworthy, and educated real estate agent. He is a joy to work with!”

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Anna DiSalvo
“The first time I met Charles was at my garage sale. My mother had passed away a few months and Dad before her. My sister and I were now the owners of our childhood home. With two funerals to pay for, debt that followed this garage sale was very important to us. Charles was so understanding,and polite he introduced himself and found out the reason I was having the sale. He gave me his card. A month later I had another sale and he came again this time he even bought something… He was not pushy and saw I needed the time to decide when I wanted to sell our house. He made me realize how the market affected the price of the home. We had several open houses and finally got our buyer. Charles helped me transform our house into someone’s dream house. He recommended little things be done and his vision sealed the deal…All I know is without Charles helping us I would not be here in Florida enjoying my beautiful villa. My family and I want to thank him for all he has done for us. We can truly say he is honest, professional and a friend….”

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Bob Fitzpatrick
“I live in Maryland and was selling my elderly aunt’s home in Brooklyn after moving her to a nursing home. I interviewed several agents and selected Charles based on his sincerity and reassuring answers to my concerns regarding a long distance house sale. He treated the house like it was his own. The house was older and sold as is. Charles had pictures taken that showed the house at its best. When bad weather would happen he would visit the property and call and let me know all was well. He took personal responsibility for showing the house and was able to negotiate a price higher than I expected. Listing to settlement was faster than I expected. He turned what could have been a difficult sale into a pleasure. I have bought and sold a number of homes and this was the best experience I have ever had.”

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Chris Mazzaro
“When it came time to sell my familie’s house I interviewed a few real estate agents. I decided to hire Charles D’Alessandro with Fillmore Real Estate. In just a short time we had a couple of acceptable offers. Charles continued marketing the house for sale and came back with a higher offer then previously accepted and it was without a mortgage contingency or what they call all cash we closed in a very short time. I recommend Charles D’Alessandro to anyone planning to buy or sell Brooklyn real estate .”

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William M. Keniry
“To Whom It May Concern:
I sold my house this week, and was very fortunate to have Charles D’Alessandro as my real estate broker. Mr. D’Alessandro worked diligently throughout the process and kept me closely informed of all the details involved.

I received a good offer for the house for which Mr. D’Alessandro would have received the entire commission.I was going to accept the offer. Instead he continued to work until he obtained a higher offer even though he had to split the commission thereby making less of a commission then he would have received if I had accepted the first offer . I don’t know how many brokers would have done that.

I therefore, recommend Mr. D’Alessandro very highly to anyone who is selling their house.

William Keniry”

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Harvy L. Glantz
“Dear Charles,

Now that the dust has settled after the completion of the sale of my late mothers house, I must thank you for your participation in it’s preparation and sale.

After evaluating your marketing plan analysis and plan of sale,I was most comfortable with your approach as opposed to other REALTOR®s® that I had interviewed. As you know, I was very skeptical that the house would sell easily in it’s current condition and unstable market conditions.

With your great expertise in finding qualified contractors, the house was returned to it’s pristine condition;whereby,you where able to find a buyer in a reasonably short amount of time. The amazing issue was your ability to go from contract to closing in six weeks;thereby, completing the sale on December 31st before the new tax laws were to come into effect.

Base on your stellar performance and your professionalism displayed in representing my mothers estate, I would have no apprehension in referring you to future customers.

Once again, thank you for your kind assistance and being there when I really needed help.


Harvey H.Glantz”

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Joyce Y .Harrington
” September 30, 2013

Charles D’Alessandro
Fillmore Real Estate
2926 Avenue J
Brooklyn NY 11210

Dear Charles
Just a short note to express the sincere thanks pf my daughters, and myself, for the most professional way you handled the sale of my home 639 East 32nd street, Brooklyn . We greatly appreciate the swiftness with which you where able to find interested parties and ultimately someone who would appreciate the potential that I feel the property had to offer.

Your sense of humor, compassion and understanding made the difficult decision of selling the home I’d lived in for over 50 years more bearable .

Thank you again for all your help and it would be a pleasure to highly recommend you to those who are in need of your services.

Joyce Y .Harrington”

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Lois and Michael Colin

Here is the recommendation we posted on the Trulia site.

When we decided to sell our home in Brooklyn, our selection of a broker was influenced by a former neighbor whose home had been sold by Charles D’Alessandro of Fillmore Realty. The neighbor gave Mr. D’Alessandro an outstanding endorsement. Based on this recommendation we selected Mr. D’Alessandro as our broker.

In our own dealings with Charles D’Alessandro, we have been impressed with his personal attention, honesty and integrity. He has been with us every step of the process. He has handled all matters regarding the marketing and showing of our home with diligence and professionalism. He has been available at all times to respond to our concerns and questions.

In this age of the sound bite, it has been most refreshing to deal with a professional who gives his undivided attention to the needs of his client.

We would highly recommend Charles D’Alessandro to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe holiday,

Lois and Michael Colin”

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Ginger & Bob Fitzpatrick
“Dear Charles,
We would like to thank you for the great job you did selling my aunt’s home in Brooklyn.It could have been a real challenge living in Maryland and trying to sell the house in Brooklyn. But you made it all easy for us. You where always responsive to our calls and email requests in a timely manner. You checked on the house after unexpected Hurricane Sandy to assure us everything was all right with the house. When things became contentious with perspective buyers, you maintained your cool and professionalism. You always followed through on our requests. Please feel free to use us as a reference in the future.We couldn’t be happier with you as our REALTOR®.

Bob & Ginger Fitzpatrick”

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Debra DeLucia
“August 2011
Dear Fillmore
RE: Charles D?Alessandro

As you probably are aware, real estate agents sometimes do not always have the best of reputations. I was skeptical about REALTOR®s?. I was afraid that in this present realty market, I would get burned. But, then again, good news and good people are not always well advertised.

Well, I must tell my story of good news and a really good person. Meet Charles D?Alessandro, Fillmore real Estate, Avenue J in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Around November of 2010, I called Charles about selling my home of 27 years. It was a very difficult decision and scary. I am 60 years young and I wanted to downsize. My Dad had passed about 6 months prior, and I was grieving and scared. However, I knew it was time to sell the house and move on. When I spoke to Charles I felt like I was speaking to an old friend! We spoke about our Dads? and our children. We had quite a lot in common and I immediately felt at ease with him.

I interviewed a few more REALTOR®s? from different agencies, but I did not feel that connection and trust t hat I felt with Mr. D?Alessandro. My decision was made. My house was put on the market and I put my trust in Charles. It was quite an emotional roller coaster for me, but I survived it all. Charles was available day and night to answer any questions (and I had many), calm any fears, and listen to all my rants and raves. He went over and beyond what I ever expected from a REALTOR®. I needed an attorney; Mr. D’Alessandro was able to assist me with getting an attorney. When I needed tax advice, Mr. D’Alessandro called an accountant, when I needed to get a tenant out of my garage; Charles was able to assist me, along with coping with my hysteria. When I needed information or had a question, Charles always had an answer. If he didn?t know the answer, he made it his business to get an answer.

Mr. D?Alessandro handled all dealings with potential buyers with utmost professionalism, and also with a genuine sense of human kindness. Potential buyers liked and respected him. However, he was no pushover; he acted accordingly with clients who were playing games. I wanted to be involved in all aspects of the sale of my house. Mr. D?Alessandro never objected to my participation and encouraged me to do so.

In the end, I was very lucky in all respects. Mr. D?Alessandro found me wonderful buyers. They were truly interested in my house and no games were played. I had a wonderful REALTOR® representing me. I have to say Charles D?Alessandro was my chief advisor, guardian angel, and professional all wrapped into one wonderful person. Thank you Mr. D?Alessandro.

I must commend Fillmore Real Estate on having such a fine agent represent your company .Mr. D?Alessandro is a real professional and certainly an asset to your company and you should be proud he is on your team.

Debra DeLucia”

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John Schwagerl
“I hired Charles to assist my parents in the sale of a property they inherited in Brooklyn. I am in the real estate industry in Boston and wanted to make sure that my parents were being treated professionally. I also wanted a person in New York I could trust and rely on for advice. Charles was that person and delivered for us whenever we needed him. The transaction being an estate sale required advanced knowledge of real estate and the ability to guide all parties in the transaction with patience and advice throughout an extended sale process. My parents and I were very pleased with Charles D’Alessandro’s service and he made a difficult situation (death of homeowner/property condition/market conditions in 2010) easier and pretty much stress free. In the future if I or any of my friends or family have real estate business in Brooklyn I would call Charles and consider myself lucky to have him as a great real estate connection. Charles got the job done for my parents when we needed him the most! Thank you Charles. When you come up to Boston ( Title Town ) I will take you to Fenway Park, buy you a Sam Adams and show you how baseball is meant to be played! It’s the least I can do!!? February 10, 2011”

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Ira Epstein
“I would like to give Charles D’Alessandro and his son (Charles Jr.) my most heartfelt endorsement as excellent Brooklyn-based REALTOR®s…whom I am so glad to have worked with! I first met Charles Sr. when my wife and I came upon an open house in the Kensington area ? though we hadn?t met before he was welcoming, warm, direct and unassuming. We immediately liked his earthy, sincere demeanor and opted to have him show us more homes. In a short time he and Charles Jr. came to understand what we were looking for, which was quite specific as regards location, cost and style. Being on a budget, we enjoyed their confidence that they would indeed find the house for us??and, if it wasn?t for their consistently grounded approach I?m not sure we would have believed them!

With patience and insight Charles senior (with the help of his son) did indeed find the right home for us, at which point round 2 began. We were energetically assisted in bargaining for a price that we could manage (which seemed to us as something of a miracle) and we were generously assisted all the way down the road to the closing. Our insurance agent came as a recommendation from the D’Alessandro?s and our roofer as well (by the way, the cost of the roof?s repair was happily taken off of our purchase price).

All in all, these guys are great! My wife ?just knew? that they were the guys to run with??and she was absolutely right! They?re real, honorable, kind, people…with no B.S.??and many years of most valuable experience in the business and the borough. A big thumbs up.

-Ira Epstein”

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Andy Vidra
“Dear Charles,

I want to let you know what a pleasure it was working with you on the sale of my building. You are a rare individual, you helped me with whatever it took from beginning to end. You always followed up on anything I needed from you, and you were extremely conscientious. Whenever it got somewhat stressful you always got me through the rough points. I mentioned to friends that dealing with you restored my faith in mankind.

Always grateful,

Andy Vidra
6204 5th Avenue
Brooklyn NY”

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Christine Fueg
“We can never thank you enough for your hard work and commitment to selling our family home.We could not ask for a more professional or harder working REALTOR®. You made everything as easy as possible. You are always welcome as a guest in our new home. Again thank you and good luck to you and your family

The Fueg Family
1721 65th Street Brooklyn NY”

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Patricia &Harry Schwagerl
“To Whom it may concern,
Mr. Charles D’Alessandro of Fillmore Real Estate was extremely helpful to our family in the sale of our house in Brooklyn. He is a professional gentleman who is reliable, honest and trustworthy. He always kept us informed through the process. We felt confident in his ability.He got the sale of our home accomplished in a very efficient manner. We would recommend Charles D’Alessandro to anyone selling their home.

Patricia & Harry Schwagerl”

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Linda and Jim Kelly
“To whom it may concern,

We would like to thank Charles D?Alessandro of Fillmore Real Estate for the excellent job he did when we sold my mother-in laws house 384 East 3rd Street.

It was not the best time to sell and not an easy house to sell. We appreciate the time and effort Charles D?Alessandro made. We always felt you did what was best for us.

You kept us informed at all times, always returned our calls and encouraged us not to get discouraged. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know and hope to use your services in the future.

Thank You
Linda & Jim Kelly”

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Ms. Maria Romeo
“Charles is the Best in the business. He stood by me every step of the way. Being a single mom and having no one to turn to Charles became like a big brother. He treats everyone with respect, honest, and sees you through till the end. I would buy or sell only from him. If your looking for A 1 attention make sure you see Charles”

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David Koral
“When the time had come for my brother and me to sell our home in Brooklyn, we didn’t know where to start. Charles D’Alessandro made everything easy.

Only hours after we contacted him, he met with us to evaluate our house. His understanding of the local market was on target, and he certainly did his homework: by tracking down recent sales of comparable properties, Charles helped us to determine the right price. In very little time he was able to attract several interested buyers.

Throughout the process,Charles made himself available to us, to address any concerns. I’m glad we found him, and I?d heartily recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in Brooklyn.

David Koral”

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John Goreczny
“Charles , Thank you for being so honest, I will take your advice and hold on for awhile. It was a pleasure to meet someone like yourself, you are a throwback ,from the “old school” and have unique values and morals. I knew your father, in law, Carmine back in 70’s when I was about 17 years old. We all loved him to death and he was always there for all of his players. He was always our emotional leader.

Thanks again ,
John Goreczny”

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Arlene and Ron Foronjy
“Dear Charles D’Alessandro
We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to you and Fillmore Real Estate for your professionalism and all your efforts in assisting with the sale of our Brooklyn home.Your advice,attention to detail and personal concern went a long way in helping us through this experience.Your organization clearly inspired interest and sales exposure of our property in this challenging.

I believe that the trust and mutual respect you inspired throughout this process is complemented by your ability to get things done in a fair and balanced manner.We wish you and Fillmore real estate continued success and prosperity in all your future endeavors.

Ron Foronjy”

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Roz & Nat Brenner
“Dear Charles,
I had to write to tell you how much we appreciate your friendship as well as your professional advice.
You were a rock during the emotional time of selling our home, and relocating to our” New life”. You were a friend an advocate and a real human being.We take pleasure in referring our friends to you without hesitation.

Be Well,

Roz & Nat Brenner”

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Sidney I. Rogers M.D.
“Dear Mr. Reinhardt,
I walked into your Avenue J & Nostrand Avenue facility to register my house (1082 East 26th Street Brooklyn N.Y. 11210)for sale.I had the greatest trepidation,not knowing anything about you.I had the greatest fortune to become connected with Charles D’Alessandro.His warmth and friendliness,and sincerity gradually put me at ease.
From that moment on he was only a phone call away to answer questions of concerns,of which there were many.He was.He was like a good friend,who took me in hand,and led me unnervingly to the final closing.He called me,whenever he felt I was apprehensive,and made the entire process as painless as possible.
Again,I say,the connection was a stroke of luck.Charles is very capable,but is a caring,feeling,individual,who made my fearful ordeal as pleasant as possible.Knowing him,I’m sure all his clients are treated with the TLC that I received.

Sidney I. Rogers”

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Gordon Lindner
“Just wanted to say hi. Hope you and the family are doing well. Since we sold our house at 2106 New York Ave. and moved to New Jersey, we’re in Heaven. Just in case we didn’t say this before, you are an expert and a gentleman in what you do, and that’s selling homes and finding
homes, which make people happier. Wish you the best and please stay in touch.
Maybe we’ll meet on the golf course again with Lou….Ciao


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Joni & Harry Meister
“Never got a chance to send you a card to thank you for what you did for me and my dad. Your devotion, friendship and honesty were deeply appreciated. We would never have gotten through all this w/o you.

Thanks again and we will never forget you.

Joni Christie & Harry Meister”

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Robert Sala & Ann Sullivan
“Dear Mr. Reinhardt,
I would like to take a moment and write you about Charles D’Alessandro. When we set out to sell our home in Marine Park/Brooklyn, we were a bit nervous…and then we called Charles. From the moment we sat down with him we had all the confidence in the world that we would be taken care of with great attention to detail. Charles immediately put our nerves at ease.

Charles is a highly motivated, energetic individual with a genuine compassion for people. He has knowledge and enthusiasm for such a wide variety of subjects that the words ?extremely remarkable? seem insufficient to describe his dynamic abilities. We were fortunate enough to have him as our REALTOR®.

In short, Charles D’Alessandro’s magnificent character, personality, intellectual and communicative abilities are outstanding. He is the type of individual that any profession would be proud to have as a member. I most heartily recommend him to anyone who is setting out to purchase or sell a home in Brooklyn.

Thank you for your time,

Robert Sala & Ann Sullivan”

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Barbara Hake
“Dear Mr. Reinhardt,
Last year my mother passed away and Charles D’Alessandro was responsible for the expeditious sale of her house at a price that is consistent with property values in this neighborhood. In addition to Charles’s exemplary handling of a painful situation, he exhibited a demeanor that was more that of a friend than a business contact.

If ever my family, friends or myself are in need of real estate sales or purchase assistance, Charles and Fillmore real estate will be our recommendation.


Barbara Hake”

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Darby & Jerry Zippilli
“Dear Charles,
Jerry & I want to thank you for helping us sell our house. We’re so glad our New Jersey real estate agent recommended you. The first thing that impressed us about you was that you explained right from the start everything that you’d do to help us sell the house & without any pressure. You were always available when we needed you. You always made sure we knew who was coming to see the house and when. Even after selling the house, you made sure all was going well. I’m amazed that we sold the house in the first week & to someone who came on the first day. In this day and age, it’s nice to know that there are people that really care about their clients. These words really can’t express just how thankful we are for all you’ve done for us.

Darby & Jerry Zippilli”

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Beth Katz
“Seven years ago I enlisted Charles D’Alessandro in finding my first new home. As a nervous first time buyer I was relieved to find that I had put my trust in a very professional and understanding real estate agent. Charles found the perfect home at a price I could afford. He made himself available at a moments notice and always answered my frequent calls. Seven years later I found myself in the position of having to sell my house. I couldn’t think of anyone else I trusted more to help me. Charles eased many of my concerns about selling a house. He made it simple and stress free. He got me more money than I ever thought I’d get for my house. In no time at all I was sitting at the closing knowing it was Charles who helped make it possible. I have since recommended Charles to several friends who were buying and selling homes. If I ever deal in the real estate market again, Charles would be my first call.

Beth Katz”

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Lori Bonadonna
“Thank you for the way you handled the sale of my house

Lori Bonadonna”

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Beverly Mazzaro
“Tom & I would like to thank you for not only making the sale of our home in Brooklyn a quick and easy one, but for all the extra chores you performed above and beyond the call of duty. You made us feel like family. One phone call to you would make every problem disappear. Once again, a great big thanks.


Beverly Mazzaro”

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Helen Stayna & Rudy Wynter
“I just want to thank you again for the great job you did selling my home. Your outreach efforts worked quickly and I had many interested buyers. You did a great job of negotiating with the buyers and getting us the best possible price for our home. A difficult negotiation and closing did not affect your professionalism. Your great sense of humor helped us get through a tough time. Once again, thanks and it was a pleasure working with you.

Helen Stayna & Rudy Wynter”

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Maureen & Lou Rodino
“We would like to thank you for the professional way in which you handled the marketing of our property. It was indeed a pleasure to work with you. Your competence and knowledge of the real estate market made us feel at ease and confident at all times.

Maureen & Lou Rodino”

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Irma Kofsky
“Dear Charles & Staff,
I am writing this letter to tell you how pleased I was with you and your staff, mainly Eva and Marsha who worked very hard to sell my house. Whenever I called with questions Charles, you were always able to help me. I almost made a pest of myself sometimes. It was a very trying time for me and you made it easier. Thank you very much, and my best to Eva and Marsha they both tried very hard and I sincerely thank you all.

Irma Kofsky”

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