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Bergen Beach


“Country Living in Brooklyn”
The neighborhoods of Bergen Beach and Mill Basin are among Brooklyn’s most desirable places to live.An oasis of suburbia in an urban setting, Bergen Beach and Mill Basin offer many attractions – beautiful homes,low-rise zoning, parks and waterfront areas,a tight-knit community, and excellent schools.Since the early 1900’s,Bergen Beach has been a destination for families looking for the clean air and the quiet of this village-like neighborhood. The quiet nature of the community, spectacular views, boating and fishing activities, and convenient access to the Belt Parkway, have maintained the neighborhood’s attraction to this day.

The variety of housing in Bergen Beach and Mill Basin is impressive. Many homes are custom-designed,and situated on large lots,averaging 40×100(that’s double the average Brooklyn lot size). As a result, most homes in this area feature spacious backyards and, since the residents are extremely proud of their community, beautifully landscaped front gardens. Many corner properties are located on 60×100 lots,and are prized by family-oriented buyers. Approximately 75% of the houses in Bergen Beach are two-story single-family residences, with two-family houses making up the rest.Three- and multi-family housing is virtually non-existent.

Mill Basin has an extensive waterfront, and since the late 60’s, mansions have been built on the generous waterfront lots. A drive through Mill Basin’s inner circle streets is an architectural tour de force, showcasing unique designer houses and precision landscaping. This neighborhood has always attracted well-heeled buyers; the property values tripled over the last decade, and continue to rise.

The elementary schools in Bergen Beach (P.S. 312) and Mill Basin(P.S. 236)are among the many reasons these neighborhoods are so attractive to families – the schools boast some of the highest math & reading scores in the borough. Another reason Bergen Beach continues to be a “hot spot” for home buyers with children,is the 77-acre McGuire Park, and the John Malone Community Center sports complex. The complex features baseball diamonds,soccer and football fields,tennis courts,a roller-hockey rink, state-of-the-art equipment, and brand-new Astroturf. Besides McGuire Park, nearby Gateway National Recreation Area and Marine Park provide plenty of green space.

The area’s major shopping attraction is the Kings Plaza Mall,a 26-acre shopping complex which includes over 150 stores,1.1 million square feet of retail space, its own marina,and a multiplex movie theater. Located just outside Mill Basin, the mall provides a great shopping destination without disturbing the peace and quiet of the community.

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